What our visitors say

In my eyes wind turbines are not an eyesore .Here I was able to get very close and film .There was no noise , only the breeze .It was a very peaceful place . In UK the public deem wind turbines noisy and ugly .We need power and rely too much on fossil fuels .These are not going to last for ever and errors and accidents have resulted in enormous damage to our environment .........Feldheim cares.

Helena Mikas

On the spectrum of climate-friendly projects, Feldheim represents an extreme outlier as a microcosm showcase of a zero-emissions future.

Edvard GlücksmanUniversity of Duisburg-Essen

We was particularly impressed by the villagers' ability to construct their own grid. Climate change is something this generation has got to solve, and in Australia we cannot rely on government. It's up to the people. And so you've got to go and learn from where it's happened before.


Lyn Hovey Australian sustainability activist

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